Dango, The politician

Once upon a time a long while ago
In a tiny nation of the archipelago
there lived a politician, by the name of Dango.

Like most other ones in his profession
he always adored a little bit of an action.
Acts made his adrenaline go high
with a mood swing of an elation and a sigh
he needed this as a dose for his passion
in the life of his day's worth of contention.

This brilliant fellow of high intensity
a self assured person of his clarity,
as to how one must shape the mobility,
of all the forces in a given society.

Desire, will, passion and agility
of a certain group of the society,
making up for his security
He rode high above everybody
content, self-assured and cocky.

Humble he started as, before he got up there!
caring for all parties like a beautiful mother
tending to thier need, issues and care.

Ever since he won thier confidence however,
As Dango found himself surrounded more and more,
by people that he never asked for,
he got shielded away from reality,
falling prey to "power's" ugly taste of beauty.

Poor Dango! what has he gotten himself into
all his passion, desire and brilliant motto
that used to be the driving force of his credo
of popular service and fair leadership
have all departed him like a long lost ship.
his visions vanishing into a sea of dreams,
Abondened and left only, with an agony of screams.

He ended up only being a servant
To those closing on him like a powerful sealant.
It is a one man's sad story,
who have always opted for freedom and glory,
those who knew of him in person, would say.
Detailing on how power corrupts
limit and imprisons its subjects
making them a lesser of the rest of the humans.

Copy right Yohannes