Identity Theft!
A. Mulat!
August 23, 2002

Identity Theft

Open Letter to the Author of “On the Betrayal Instinct: Sifting Through Hailesilasie Girmaye’s Pieces” and the Websites Posting it

By A. Mulat

August 23, 2002

This is an open letter to the imposter who used my name to direct his attacks on Hailesilasie Girmay through his spurious article titled “On the Betrayal Instinct: Sifting Through Hailesilasie Girmaye’s Pieces” and posted at and on August 20 and August 21, 2002 respectively.

I did not write the article nor do I support the views in it. This is an identity theft and I request Ethiomedia and Tigrainet to demand the imposter to use his name or remove the article from your website. The editor of Ethiomedia knows my email address and this article was not sent from my address. I also demand the imposter to refrain from using my name in his future postings.

I have been, and continue to be, a supporter of Deki-Alula online Ethiopian Newsletter. Following the split of the TPLF leadership and hijacking of the TPLF by Eritrean stooges, I wrote several articles and were posted at Deki-Alula and other websites. I will continue to share what I know and I will contribute for the resurrection of the TPLF and will not be associated in any way with those who would love to see the carcasses of the TPLF.

And for the record, my email address is, and I was communicating, and will continue to communicate using this address with Deki-Alula and other Ethiopian websites.

PS: This letter is concurrently sent to Haileselassie Girmay, Ethiomedia and Tigrainet, and Deki-Alula

(A. Mulat, contributed and has sole responsibility for the content on this article.)
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