L Plate


Wanting to drive fast

Destination to reach he must

What he  wanted to see last

As he cruised along

Was another car driven oblong,

By a class of novitiate that he belong.



Exasperate, if you will,

The situation he was  unable

Appropriately to handle.


Bang the wheel,

Hard press the break peddle,

Utter filthy words unthinkable,

But to no avail

Off his  way wamble,

The car in front stumbled.



Following the curse,

His demeanour excused

His  nerves to fuse,

With no pause,

Raw anger to ooze


Because Ö. Because .. because

The idiot learner was the cause.


But in the same mind set,

It felt great

when his car met.

A driver with L Plate.

For once at last

He had someone to lambast,

For his morale to blast.


But keep not himself amused

If he  were to choose

Place himself in learnerís shoes,

Which he was   once!

Did he  forget, unless confused,

In the situation placed

The daunting task faced

All may confess!

The learner was terrified to death.


It felt like being pulled

By a boulder that fell

Down the hill,

As opposed of being behind the wheel,

The carbuncle began to fast roll over

And crash to bits felt the learner driver.


So remember,

Remain assured,

All taken care,

Behind he may have left  this horror,

as a certified driver,

Bur sooner or latter,

Someone he endears,

One day  be put to test. 

As the one encountered,

He called a  road pest

And made no secrete his detest


Hypocrite these lot are,

They may be heard blubber

In defence of those they care,

For the  right to be on the road

without feeling cowered,

Or  being goaded


 Copyright Haileselassie Girmay