This much is understood:

For what he stood,

he worked all life long.

Oh  yes! Age  did not get him wrong,

Till the very end,

He kept on going  strong.

Tall, Stalwart,

The guardian of comfort,

For those life happens to hurt -

Now he is gone,

Miss they will  his unstinting support.

Human tumbrel,

With a big heart:

It had to be,

Considering all that.

But why does he now have to depart,

Jeopardizing the mission he'd  started?

Nothing personal would chain,

This indomitable human train.

To refrain sorting other people's strain.

One fateful day,

Not know how to rest,

While seated at his desk,

Doing what he loved best,

He felt on his chest some kind of arrest.

In a hospital bed over a  night.

This wonderful life was deprived a light,

To wake up for the following day's fight.

What a price the family & friends  had to cough up

For all the missing gaps

In his absence they have now to wrap.

Go get lose, cry Battersea,

What have you done!

The indefatigable  now  begone,

What do you want to see?



October 2007