The letter from the World Peace Council reminding that people and web sites responsible for posting inaccurate and disparaging allegations about its conduct is yet another testimony to what I have been trying to say in an article,Award or not Award, that many jump to conclusions without undertaking careful and delved considerations.

There is no doubt, at least for self respecting person or organisation that the contents of the WPC is embarrassing to say the least. It points finger that no one ought to rash and criticise others without have the full facts presented to corroborate their accusations.

But in a too often customary way weakness is been transposed as a success, and subtle criticisms as praises, and the letter is posted as if the WPC has capitulated and and in its own way admitted that the PM ought not to have been given prizes as he did, when in fact all it has stated is that it had been aware of such prizes and on its own part it has not given anyone any prize today or in the past - it is not design for such things.

In short it is demanding an apology for scurrilous defamation and had it not thought of us as less fortunate in terms of wealth and the rest, it could have taken us to court and get compensated

Haileslassie Girmay