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editorial commentary As long as Shaiebia is there..

by_G. E. Gorfu

Story for kids

by_Kiros Berhane

editorial - Where do we gofrom here?

by_G. E. Gorfu

Zendo(Python) Sew Bela by_G. E. Gorfu


by_G. E. Gorfu from Meskot web site

by_G. E. Gorfu from Meskot web site

by_G. E. Gorfu

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By Dr.Kiros Berhane

By Dr.Kiros Berhane

Editorial_Poems on_walk 18/05/02

poems in English but also edited

by Belay Gessesie

by Belay Gessesie


It is time ..winter

If Only....

Am Gonna Go

Sash Window

Lave your sin clean

A prisoner set free

Fast requiem for...

Kids, Kids, Kids

Hard as rock

Death row

Quratse Shetan

Akhraney Golegoley

The Shepherd

Burning dark, burning red


Tell me, how do I get out from here?

The Mask

Thank you the unknown

Thank you -two

Thank you

Thy shall live forever

Lottory people's misery

They perished


It happened again part 7-33

Angry youth

The task

Yonder beyond the blue river

It Happened again! 6 of 30

It Happened again! 4 & 5 of 30

It Happened again! 3 of 30

It Happened again! 2 of 30

Body to body talk

It Happened again! 1 of 30

Who is in charge..?


Life - valley of tears

You hurt me

Lest they forget

Two poets at loggerheads

The pond

My only & true freind

Man & his warring habits


You lost me

The Devil..

Sleeping hell!

Worldly men..

Waiting for a friend

Deep inside me

The cave hunter

Words are cheap

Fallout: left & right, heavey & Light

He is not coming back

Star finder, where is my star?

Maverick got married to succubusPart1(previously dust devil) & part 2

I found history gasping

Beat the Drum

Anti-war drum

Dust devil

Flowers on Sale

Born at night

Burning Planet

I Beg of you..

Many Years down the Line

Stayout of Business

A cat got fed up

Lookout & Shush!

I Stopped ..

A little longer


A book got bored

Shefenfen Part one

Shefenfen part two

My sons and daughters

Two routes to nowhere

Black Ethiopia arcane

and I shall be free

Big brother evryone calls a friend

Dependency without a trace of grace

House talking to tree


What would they tell to the World?

Every time..[addendum]

It is a long winter night

Tribute to the rivers flowing northwest

Earth summit

The new edition

My parents' home is built on a rock

The Chair you did not sit on


The choice

For only a day's work pay

Let the girl go free

One day I shall be gone

My son has risen

My Back

Window Vs Door

A small spot in space

I want...


Three citizens & one loser

What Price Did I Pay?

The Terk

Do you remember me?

Pass me that tablet

Broken Dream

I Understand

The Chair part one

Shark Looking Can

Beware, Introspect!

Born only to die

Alone (edited)

I boarded a ship

My Father & the Bag

Go to Sleep my Dream

Father, Fire is gonna eat you beware!

The Road Not Travelled

Russia The Country

Nowhere to Go Nowhere to Stay

The National Dress

She Walked Away Free

He Regrets

Who are You


Hang the poet

who calls

I say

Mama Cry