Damn if they did, Damn if they did not

If by now you haven’t figured it out, this is the unfailing skulduggery used right across the globe in today’s politic: First they tell their captive audience outright lies, or promote self-serving unworkable or undesirable schemes, with catastrophic consequences when put to test to the whole wide world – such as the Iraq case – The aim is simple: to get a large number of people on board to supporting their schemes. Oh yes, you have guessed it with sleights of hand. And when the lies are implemented and the sinister schemes are undertaken and the true nature of the devil began to surface, the architects start to backtrack and deny whatever they had said and promised to their audience in the first place.

But by then the leaders have succeeded in achieving their aims: the schemes are up and running and with job accomplished, they had managed to stain the hands and minds of too many susceptible people with their wrong doings. Once fooled, such people who are brought on board would find it difficult to part from their masters. It takes great courage to reverse one’s own suspected wrong doings in-the-making and put things right before one has allowed him/herself sunk deep into the morass of deception.

But for the great majority of people this is an Achilles' heel that sucks up their conscience and opens the gate for farther unwarranted wrong doings. In short most deceived people, like their masters, are believed to feel too embarrassed to backtrack. Still worst, they may go on to the extreme in an apparent motive to cover up their initial tenebrous moves, and they began to drum up the beat that it is too late to reverse events, and appeal for other people to help them see the schemes go through to the finish – Yes, this is the preaching of the doomsday scenario of the worst kind of evangelists who woke up and found themselves on the wrong side of the beds.

Surely anyone who claims to lead a nation such as Ethiopia ought to know what the consequences of his/her actions would entail.

To start with, to sign the Treaty of Algiers and place the country’s fate in the hands of second rate foreign bureaucrats was unprecedented in the history of the country. But the leaders of the country went ahead and signed the Treaty in the hope once the signature is embossed and dried the people will gradually but accept it. As designed, then the bureaucrats assigned to the task dropped a bomb shell and came up with a map that infringed Ethiopia’ territorial sovereignty and integrity, again with the hope that this too will go down well after initial disquietude. But the bureaucrats and their masters were no fools. They will take time to put their map on the ground. The Great Plan: people will get familiarised with the idea that the land they fought and died for is controversial and people may began to feel after all be given to Eritrea and the Ethiopians will be spared from the shock when in fact part of the country would be officially apportioned to Eritrea as it transpired to have had happened in these couple of days. Make no mistake, as the author of this article had indicated before, that Bademe and its environs were given to Eritrea long before the Treaty was conceived and signed by the third party supervising the region for its own self interest and strategic reasons. However, they had problems of how to implement it as indeed finally they used well worn out and safe tactics they are comfortable with. Administer their scheme piece by piece with honey coated capsules. This is the psychology of long drawn up process of taking away Ethiopian land and sovereignty piece by piece without incurring massive backlash from the people whose rights and dignity have been exposed to crepuscular robbery by backdoor politicians of international statures.

And why is the superpower doing this to Ethiopian leaders who have been faithful to their minders? After all they have gone extra miles to show their reliability, even and including to helping in the war efforts conducted in the Middle East.

Well, Eritrea could not be viable without the umbilical cord connecting it to Ethiopia. And if the present situation cannot permit Eritrea to suckled Ethiopia’s resources as it had been anticipated and given a blessing by some quarters, it has to have its own large swathe of arable land that will see to it that it produce enough to meet its needs. When they created for the first time Eritrea it had to depend on its colonial stepmother, now Eritrea is foundling and Italy is under no obligation to look after an urchin some mechanism has to be put in place to see its meaningful survival.

The other important factor: The superpowers of the day know Ethiopia will not and cannot give away its sovereign territory. It will fight to maintain it at all costs. And that is exactly what they have in mind when the promulgated such a decree that Ethiopian land has to be handed over to Eritrea. This will then give them a free hand to weaken, extort Ethiopia to making concession for its water resources to be used by Egypt and beyond, countries they hope will broker their Middle East strategy.

The question is: did the Ethiopian leader know that Bademe was already given to Eritreans? If they did it is damn, if they did not know it is damn.