I believe him, I believe him not

If he tells me he is unbelievably rich,

he has many friends around the world,

Who respond to his succour, 

Though they are not called upon,

I believe him, he has a point to be reckon.

If he says he is incredibly powerful and

beyond reach, if I dare challenge I will be 

Over stretched, I believe him, he is right.

If he tells me he lives in a glasshouse,

Studded with diamond stones,

It flickers like a crepuscular twilight star,

It looks so near and yet so far,

I believe him thusfar.

But he he tells another story,

That he is an innocent denizen,

Using his brute power he has not crossed over

To the forbidden land of the fairies

And fed on sumptuous fruits from trees,

That I can see a distended dollop on his throat he carries,

I would listen but terribly worry,

That this contemporaneous man of the century

Is most unreliable polyglot to sit for a grand jury

Copyright Haileselassie Girmay