You have been told some see the glass of water

As half full, while others see it as half empty.

But is that really true? I tell you that you

Have been lied to, and this simply is false.

What of those who have no glass at all?

Or those whose glass is cracked and their water

Is leaking, or those whose glass is shattered,

Leaving sharp, jugged edges everywhere, and

Their water is all, but gone? They thirst

All day, though sitting close to the water.

And what shall we say of those, who use no

Glass, but instead, must do with some

Chipped, old clay Pots, and pans, or gourds?

How would they see their world?

Who can see through clay or gourd?

Their vision is obscured. And worse still,

What shall we say of those, walking with two

Good eyes, but live in total darkness?

How do you see your world?

Copyright G. E. Gorfu 2002