Cry the Betrayed Country!



When Ethiopia decided to wage the border war against the forces occupying its lands, it was because the leadership in Asmara had refused to listen to the voices of reason and ‘legal process,’ or accept any plea for arbitration and mediation, coming from many quarters, and for a period of about two years.


Taking up arms when all peaceful and legal processes have failed, is the most appropriate thing to do.  And this time, Ethiopia is being ‘ordered’ to give its historic lands to the aggressors by an international jury. Here we have further injustice being perpetrated in the guise of the law.


Ethiopia will, once more, need to resort to arms to make sure this injustice is corrected and removed from the face of history. We must remember the famous saying: “If peace cannot be obtained by legal means, it needs to be secured by the force of arms.” Ethiopia today is in exactly this position.


If the EPRDF party leadership in general, and the Prime Minister, Ato Meles (Legesse) Zenawi, in particular, do not move to correct this grave situation by ‘any and every means necessary,’ this is a “Betrayal of the Motherland,” and they will be identified as the real betrayers of Ethiopia. This generation, and all coming generations, will see them, and judge them as such.


All political power will sooner or later end, and pass on to the next one. Ato Meles, and his party too, will someday soon, relinquish power.  Unless they make sure they do not betray Ethiopia, there will be hell to pay!


                                                                                      Belay Gesesse.

                                                                                       March 9, 2