Between good and evil

Much has been said of this subject
since the days of Adam and eve.
It ain't a topic of some sort,
that can be dealt with my endeavour,
and a tiny of an experience and an intellect.

But these fractures of ideas of mine,
flickering every now and then,
like pieces of a disjointed line.
Often are bugging me to exhale,
regardless of how dim and pale,
they might actually be and fare.

Don't poets like to express,
not out of a keen desire to impress,
but only for the simple reason of theirs,
to make a meaning and somewhat of a sense,
out of the reason why else,
we all are here in this universe.

It is not that I am or call myself a poet
since I don't even possess an aroma,
of a scant of its scent.
But for the simple reason of my wish to exhale
as it coincidentally resembles,
to match the examples,
of what a poet must and ought do,
so here I go acting like one,
but with only a desire and ambition.

Seldom crosses this mind of mine,
ideas that are very deep to examine,
which many generations throughout history,
have in reality failed to explain.

Good and evil they say is here for good,
to deliberately spice-up nature's needed mood.
Good and evil, day and night
black and white, dark and light;
two opposing forces of diverse intent,
make up for all of natures content.

Wise men of all walks of life and times,
categorically agree on these very definitions.
When Mother Nature fumes its wrath on humanity,
they all come together and woefully cry.

"Oh! Lord of all creations, please God the almighty"
Together they will come and pray,
"what have we done thee, to deserve this punishment,
please dearest creator grant us your mercy!"
Claims and appeals are made with one voice and unity,
in a telling tale of how evil could be so ugly!

Not so far in time from this away,
Soon after the fading of such a calamity,
the very same voice that prayed in unity,
reveals its tone of variation and duplicity,
in a different context and of formality.

Supposing you take of situations,
related to the concern of the human conditions,
but of the nature of their interactions,
pertaining of one doing an evil act against the other,
with a deliberate intent to harm and bother.

One would expect for consistency sake,
to disprove the wise men above could never be fake.
However to the one's amazement,
and insult of the intellect,
they will with no doubt split,
on whether the act is wrong or right.

So here comes the fallacy and inconsistency
with such a variation and of multiplicity
of meanings to a single issue.

So then I think, we all deserve an apology,
from all the wise men of philosophy,
if in fact they mean it really,
that man posses a moral right if any,
of defining as to what is evil and good,
when it has actually consistently failed

Copy right Yohannes