Big time loser..!

In a high-rise
A man living below,
Just about when the Sun was fully raised.
Had to leave his flat,
Provoked and aroused.

Then one day, the wife he did follow,
He acquainted himself, and her he did intimately come to know.
Then, shortly after they went to bed these two fellows.

As he worked his ass flat out
He appeared to be dissatisfied.

"How come?" - he said dissed.
""How come what?"" - said the accomplice.

"Well, the groaning and screaming
And all sorts of sound you have missed!
Am I less of a man who purveys less of a bliss?"

""Oh that! I should have known what you were after!
You sounded like my husband proper!

Your ego in need of a desire,

To have someone pinned under

Pleading for mercy

You would not want to offer!

No! It is that babysitter,
Pretending to please
And win over her master!
And that is why I am here,
You big time loser"". - Said she in anger.
And walked away never to return.

Copyright Haileselassie Girmay