Blame who else but

For the diluvial rain

That incessantly fell

Double-over, leaving the walls.

What a rain!

It came pouring again and again

Like in an endless chain

Swamped the cities

Clogged the drains,

It carried away the tower

That once you pondered

As a symbol of you invincible power

Blame those with no fault

For the drought,

The scorching sun

Under its blaze

You began to hyperventilate

And the  hose ban

Freely you used to  ran

Alas Water,  no more

You could not feed your garden.

The long hospital waiting list

No matter you insist

Expeditious treatment you could not get.

For the crammed bus ride,

Could not turn from side to side,

And you began to smell your own hide

Blame, Oh yes, blame me and chide.

Set yourself blame free

For the sex and crime industry,

You plunged into, the country.

In one fell swoop,

From the sky

The plane that dropped,

Go ahead belie ....

The cause for it, you found this guy.

But  you failed to notice

under my auspices

They are pristine clean

The Streets and offices.

The geriatric centre

paying visit you never care

 Your senile mother is  looked after

The skyscrapers

Everyone admires

They bear indelible signatures.

Of my blood and sweat vapours.

You see, You failed alright

Your eyes couldn't open  wide

See the strong side

Of those you think are parasite

Copyright Haileselassie Girmay