There is no more  such a thing I call mine.

The body that I am is a thing of a  past

It is fading so soon  and so fast,

Just like a strong wind,

That once dominated a space

In the aftermath,

a broken lamppost is left  hanging in suspense.

In sum!

My fragile limbs fare no better but  all the same.


The child that I rear and care from  dawn

Is rearing  to walk out and find his own.

And the girl has brought in a stranger

My hard won corner!

Who is  eager to take over.


The woman I live with, you might find,

Has lost her mind.

You may also wonder what happen to mine?

Well, it is burnt out from day one

Since time began.

The brother I leaned on for sound comfort

Is lying in peace in a burial ground,

As a matter of fate.


The country I never had

It is so bad,

It offers me a drug,

Wrapped in a dazzling fluttering rug.

It  really drives me mad.

It has a treble side effect,

Home sick is all I get.

And the arduous journey back

The frangible mind limps,

But the limbs are unable to take.

Copyright Haileselassie Girmay

(first draft)