The Cycle of Ignorance

From amongst those who like to think

Who are glamorous, vibrant and systematic

In areas of art, political discourse and rhetoric

Law, order, sociological and clerical ethic

A culture cultivates its social and moral fabric

Inter weaving millions of acts that are microcosmic

From the head, down the spine into the organs

Slowly drips and trickles a stream of ideas

Of importance and purposes a society needs

to go by its routines and navigate its directions

through its social and political ramifications

From amongst those who like to do and act

Think, calculate, process and construct

Manufacture, make, grow or produce

Every member and the rest of the populace

Prey, Consume and live from its grace

From amongst those that are heroic warriors

Masters of honor, will, love and selflessness

A culture preserves its dignity and pride

its proud sense of identity and high self esteem

building upon its sense of purpose and claim

confident and certain that no one will violates its realm

From amongst those that are ordinary

Be them shoe shine boys or those toiling in a bakery

A store clerk or someone from lines in a factory

One way or another, somehow and in every way

They all are contributors to the national treasury

These being the facts stated in brief

that has sent us into a shocking grief

For so long now, to our complete disbelief

Has almost passed its third decade of life

With millions still grappling to come to terms

About what the rights and not are of all citizens

Except for our witness of the turns the actors take

The methods of playing the game remain the same

The powerful of both sides of the fence, inside the zoo

Picks its club and roars to eliminate or weaken the other

The clubbing goes endlessly until one of them retire

Not long before the season dawns however

Another challenger with more energy and vigor

Emerges from the bushes with a loud noise of roar

Another cycle starts of the fighting and wrestling

Just in time before the victor begins celebrating

The multitude, who are only spectators

Can only watch from the sidelines

Often times, they stare with blank minds

Thinking of the uselessness of the sports

Watching the endless gang of chimps

Playing like seasonal drama reruns




Copy right Metmiku Yohannes

July 26, 2002