Dare you, Judge!

Judge me, judge me not,

I have been accused of crimes committed against the lot.

By day or  night,

I burgled  houses at gun point.

While they strolled in the market,

I empted peoples' pocket,

When they least expected.

Ruthlessly, I cut fingers,

To snatch studded gold or silvers.

I even brutally killed the unsuspected

When I became blood thirsted.

All these, to nurture my otherwise expensive habits.

But dare you, Judge convict and

Condemn  me to death.

I am a  lover of a girl,

Who regards me as her pearl,

You happened to father,

With a woman you have had 

and still engaged in a kinky sexual affairs.

You see! We both are hooked

To the same bed rock.

 if I slip and trip over the rope,

You too will soon find yourself wrapped up in the heap.

Copyright Haileselassie Girmay