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Flesh and Soul.

I was the owner of a sue generis asset.
Rest assured, it was a priceless object.
A jewel in the Crown;
It could not be bargained for,
Nor could it be parted from. We were one and the same.
The bond took nearly a year to evolve,
Several decades to blossom and develop.
This said, however,
It had been a frangible bond,
In the most extreme unfortunate cases,
It only could have taken a few minutes to dissolve.
Once severed, as this one is now,

Make no doubt,
No reincarnation, if at all there is,
In any shape or form,
Would help it recall the good memories and
The problems faced once upon. 

We as one were determined to preserve and resolve
And restore;
That now we are divorced
And live heaven & earth apart.

Copyright Haileselassie Girmay