Loss  & Gain

Most of my life, it could be defined,

Not in physical but in wider sense  than wide,

Now you see it, now you don't.

I  kind of  remained blind.

An awful handicap,

I could not possibly  hide.

That made me rely on others for a guide.


Standing at the edge of a street,

As I contemplated, not knowing what stood in front,

Or which direction I should head.

Hoping it all, I would get none of it wrong.


Whilst my handicap kept me in the dark,

I got to be frank.

This much I knew: that

I did not know

How many were eager to help,

And How many declined

And walked away,

Leaving me behind. 


And amidst those who offered,

I did not have a clue,

Who was a good Samaritan,

And who had a  cruel heart,

With intent my person to hurt.


One day as feared,  I was led to urban wasteland.

And received a bump on the head.

Was it a metal or hard rock,

I could not tell, my neck that broke.

And with that,  I lost the ability to walk.

But nonetheless, the attack,

 kicked in to shape and turn alive an organ

That was out of use and long gone.

The white nictitating membrane,

A  veil, a sort of thick pithy rind,

That had hitherto prevailed,

To keeping  shrouded my mind,

Came off, and my inner sight,

For the first time was set alight.

Alas! I the old  gullible,

Now began to see people 

For what we really are - 

Observe if you like, and at length scribble,

Words would be ineffable,

To describing us walking evils,

Our wickedness albeit at times for the naked eye invisible.


Copyright Haileselassie Girmay