By Kiros Araya.

"Good Bless America"

what a day in history so called September the eleventh
when two giant towers made a "submit to the earth"
one is from south and the other from north
they caused so much, air pollute shortage of breath
there is more! men and women mourn over injury and death
what a day in history, tragedy of a nation
It was not a July fourth so that a firecracker
for it was on the wrong date and with little passion
was it a bomb
despite it was more than an explosion
was it a war
never mind it was launched from unknown location
was it a space rocket
except it made a downward ignition
or was it just a movie
for it is beyond my imagination
endeed it was real an irreplaceable lose
even if it is compensation
may the almighty God offer his blessed salvation
was it planned or just a human error
for it is unthinkable some one would let such evil act to occur
it was a turning point not only for the New Yorker
but to everyone beyond land and ocean border
to whom do I address my condolence
to the kids
or to their dadís widow
to the mother who watches her fate through a closed window
listening, "Mom, I think we are going down, but donít worry, it's going to be quick"
else to the wife who watches her husband jumping from hundredth floor
although nowhere to be found, for sure, it was his life's final blow
I chose the entire nation to address my condolence,
a nation under everlasting grief shadow.
"Good Bless America"

Copyright Kiros A. 09-16-01