God is then dead!

Bones crashed, flesh minced to bits,
The earth churned to limits.

That was and still is how civilisations
came to us to greet.
But if man is to colonise another planet,
As he does always fanfaronade he would,

Just to treat it

The way he did to Earth,
Then God is dead, the Bible is man made,
Half truth half hullabaloo hastily baked.
So much lies we have had been fed,
It's told nations fought War of independence,
Only to keep slaves, and exterminate other races.
Yet more, other nations rallied gullible denizens,
Around lofty ideology,

To be masters of cutting-age technology,
Only to forgo and swap the credo,
When fears are overcame -
That they won't be left out in the rat race
To sharing the atrophied trophy
Of mother nature that has now
To their mercurial whims succumbed.


Copyright Haileselassie Girmay