Grey Matter!

I have an enemy ingrained in me

First, in one or two company,

It came after me.

However, I managed to confront

Its menacing threat

One by one,  I did root them out to deracinate.

Then it kept coming  in a company

Of too may;

 In such  a number,

I could not possible outmanoeuvre.

I was then left with two choices:

 Create a strategic device,

And live in disguise.

Or In the ensuing battle

 accept the inevitable,

Win,  I would not be able.

If I were to choose the former,

When  discovered -

Lo  behold! Despair,

My face will be taken over,

Thrust  umpteen malleable flag spars,

There waves a victorious grey colour,

Under its ghostly  power

The inviting lips once they were,

Would  become no more,

Except for use  to filter

Dusty miasma ridden  air.


Copyright Haileselassie Girmay