The humble character

The humble
using his weapons
Patience and smiles
of love and peace
disables all others

The humble
cool and unassuming
calm, also condescending
conforming, non polarizing,
content and tantalizing
lovingly caring
is mysteriously disarming

The humble
Being round and neutral
yet, innately portal
Consistently rational
Definitely normal
By far, unconditional
Is often less dismal

The humble
Is mostly quiet
conveniently silent
graciously obedient
largely orient
excessively lenient
very much benevolent
happy and content
transpires love,
and a peaceful mandate

The humble
Is very hospitable
Extremely noble
However, in low profile
Crawls like a reptile
But unlike it, is gentle
With no intent of harm
conquers you with his charm
making you happy and calm

The humble
Its proclivity
of character in quality
Virtuous magnanimity
Its propensity for hospitality
Knows non of hostility
often a symbol of humility
To a degree of divinity

The humble
Conscientiously obedient
Tremendously patient
Calmly vibrant
Have always been radiant
Like an illuminating chrome
Inside a luminous dome
Have always served them
Outsourcing wisdom
To all human kingdom

Copy right Metmiku Yohannes