I Knew an immature fellow

I have known a fellow
For almost a dozen years now
Our aquientance of which,
have came through a friend of us both.

An ambitious guy but deliberately
a sneaky swine and of type gregarious.
Always looking forward to poke into something,
of the affairs of others minding their own,
as if he is doing a worthwhile of a thing.
He spends his time and fills his mind,
with such a nonsense crap of a kind,
which any civilized person would abhor
and disdain

A moral deficient person terribly,
Lacking in honesty and integrity.
Like a toddler looking for a role model
something to nest in for his corrupt zeal.
He always adored and seemingly defended
the mentors, he came to have worshiped
For his ugly purpose of hiding behind
their persona and respected good.

A calculated worship is not his only sin,
the worst of it comes mainly,
when he imitates this acts to apply,
on those of whom that are naive and young.
One can imagine how ugly and corrupting,
this predator worm ends up becoming.

A lacking in early age of training,
has left a severe handicap in him,
of reason and rationalizing.

A middle aged man with a mind of a toddler,
excepting for those aspects of the mind
that is geared to evil harbor.
In which areas he excels beyond his age,
despite his dyslexia with a learning blockage

Like most a peasant, he often is suspicious

Nothing in life for him comes and reveals,
as a phenomenon of plain evident and conspicuous.

He has a tendency to cling with those of whom,
he has always thought, of high esteem.
He assures his life's worthiness
by how many acceptances he receives
from them.

The moment he is denied of such a reward
the poor fellow looses meaning of his
life's essence.

A typical understanding of the less educated
to always think of self esteem,
as something coming from the world of the outside.

Many a character of his type
is a primary source of ugliness?
and a deterrent to all good human aspirations.

As it is in a constant lookout
for acceptance,
without any merit of a substance,
fearing an evident failure, it always
resorts to evil means,
to compensate for it's lacking in qualities.

Copy right Yohannes