0 0 The Journey "Mine was a rather long lifeAnd I have lived every moment of it. I have had more than my share of love and life; A lot of joy, lots of fears, Many laughters, and countless tears. I buried seven sons and husbands... ten,And of two daughters bereft; And these sagging breasts you see, Have nestled sucking babes And solaced lusty men. Now I have two sons and a daughters left, And five grandchildren. That is why a woman must bear, and bear, And keep on bearing till she can bear no more, Because you see, the Gods know no mercy, And care not whom they pain. "From the horde of husbands, I remember only two,Who loved me most, and I loved true, But how they used to beat me black and blue! Of the rest, I have but a blurred memory: A soldier, whom the wars took, Two miners, whom the pit, - A mightier woman than I, - claimed; Another was, a tuberculosis, whom I nursed For two years. One was a pastor and another, A swindler, who ended at the gallows. "Now you see me shriveled and shrunken,My back bent from too much child bearing And lovemaking. My eyes, weak and sunken; Not a tooth left in my gums. My nose, Aquiline once, now broken. But I have no Regrets. No! Not a single one. All in all, life has been neither good Nor bad, neither too happy, nor too sad. I have seen many births and many deaths; Most deaths are silent and peaceful, But every birth is bloody and violent; Twelve lives sprang from my loins, Twice as many breathed their last on my lap; For this is a world where life And death shall grapple to eternity. "You ask me now, would I like to turnYoung again? No! Thank you. I have had enough. I sometimes think of life, - this journey -What for? Where to? There are no answers.Be! Just be! That is all..." G. E. Gorfu.