I Know of people

This culture I am about to talk is anachronistic.

It goes against the Zeitgeist fabric

We are all taught to stick.

But rebel that I am, I intend to go against the tide.

After all, Who said, flowing with the tide

Does at all times provide safe and smooth ride?

For greater reasons, I know of people whose values are to:

Show off less of themselves,

Downplay what they are capable of,

Manifest only modest of what they possess,

And are more gregarious than they are narcissists.

Suffices to say all these at a price:

They are at the bottom list material wise.

Diseases, hunger, savagery, war, natural and man made disaster

Yes, they have had to immensely suffer.

But who is to say, at the hands of their detractors,

Coterminous calamities and miasma, haven't we all endured?

The comity style of life, over millions of years that has stretched

Is now under threat by cynosure individual hedonist.

Driven by excessive avarice,

He will not rest at ease

Before he brings the antediluvian man and his own demise.

Haileseloassie Girmay