An ugly, cunning ferocious animal
belonging to the family of a mammal
Master of all species in the kingdom
both wild and domestic,
of groups and families alike

A dangerous predator and a conquering species
which strives to do and undo all in its images

An entity of many contradictions within itself
An intrinsic radiant of a form in energy,
crude, disorient and chaotic in nature

An endless consumer
a major entropy contributor
prone to, and of great chaotic affinity
a complete anthitesis to peace and harmony

Harmony, to this wilder of the wildest
comes only as a need in a momentous stop,
as a necessity for refreshment,
to invigorate its friction-hungry energy
incoherent, and of the nature of destructive ubiquity
of actions and reactions of this self made beast

Once I fancied in hypothesizing,
what if this cunning species had been striving
of its plans of extending,
this momentous stops of harmony-seek
with a little bit of duration, a meek

It might be possible to change the frequency,
of which times, it wants to be harmonious
both to itself and other species
plus the rest of the remaining universe

Often times, difficult it is, both ways
as it lusts for over and/or under consumptions
no intermediate state comes to its appeals
and thus harmony comes as a rare commodity,
to its natural ways and style of means.

Misery comes its way, when underconsumption befalls
incapacity and limitations reigns
weak, helpless and human it becomes
it despises, condemns and ridicules
all that is, selfish and not rational
it wishes for everything proportional
something good and beneficial
fair, and judiciously partial

Other times when the scenario changes
its nature is washed by the evils of excess
when abundance prevails, and it over-consumes
Doom and gloom fades from the memory
life turns out to be bright and shinny
and the mind starts to blur from gluttony
The beast and evil in it, comes out alive

Such has been the condition of humanity
since time immemorial and of antiquity
One in a state of misery the other of superfluous
and of all the instances of trading places
between the two of the said states
none has changed its beastly nature
except of proving its wild character

Either by nature's design or accident
This dangerous species of human decent
have always been reluctant
to take the intermediate state of a ground
so that all can feel their best and good

But with this hypothesis in place
We stand a possibility to a chance
to tweak the duty cycle of the momentous glitch
incrementing its life time of which,
will be a source of, all good and rich
placing humanity in the intermediate state of reach

Copy right Yohannes