Many Loves…


Love comes in many guises

“A many splendor thing”

A clown, a dwarf, a harlequin,

Clover, rose, and seven spices,

For beggar, or king!


One love like a hummingbird

Fluttering carefree, agile,

Iridescent purple, green,

Royal blue, unvoiced, unheard,

So flitting, so fragile…


Another love is like a snake

Full of cunning, full of guile,

From the sweetest angel –

Often true, and often fake;

The cruelest, the vile!


Then love like a buffalo

Dependable and true,

A sturdy steed, a mountain mule,

Day in day out on the plough;

Love that carries through…


And love like a summer sky

Quiet like a still river;

Peaceful, silent, sweet,

Content, reserved, and shy,

Evermore gets deeper…


G. E. Gorfu           6/1/04