We know that tomorrow when life takes a turn it leads to unknown but hopeful



But no matter where we are picnics, plays or concerts memories will always reflect

their special meanings.


In the east or west in the black streets of big cities or on the look out for something

you really want find no matter where you are, no matter where I am, memories start to



When you feel lonely sad or depressed, slowly close your eyes and unlock your trunk

full of childhood memories thinking back and saying 'I wish 1 could go back to school

again'. The time we used to run around, shoving and pushing and making a mess of

ourselves in the rain.


When you are away from school there wont be a friend to talk to or anyone to tease,

there won't be the loud laughter or the small kid in the tuck-shop line saying 'Excuse

me please'.


Some of our memories are made up of the sweetest things we share though at that

time we may have seemed not to care. School our most memorable time, may have

seemed to last no longer than a dewdrop in the sun, but as we come to the end of it we

stop and realise that school was nothing but a life style fall of fun.


Even though tomorrow is new, we will remember the days of laughter and some times

think of them once in every little while but remember there's tomorrow a new

unknown beginning and now since we've finished school we've stored up enough

memories to keep us going