His wife is domineering

But he gets the kick that way.


Watch he might,

The other is intriguing

And complex to catch.

But she has made him an addict,

The sea is what he breathes and drinks.


The trips he makes

To get a glimpse or more of her

Is explained away - fisherman that he is.


But he comes back to shore

With ever less fish in store -

For the net was trawled elsewhere

Trying to catch a phantom lover.


But to such old trick played

The mermaids do not fall prey.


Tonight the wife will tie,

And whip his naked thighs

And he will weep bitter cries.

Perhaps this way,

Away mermaids may fly and deep dive

And fish catching once again thrives,

And the wife's  smiling  face revives.


Copyright Haileselassie Girmay