Felisu Zeyefeles


The trek we undertook

Carried us to the gate,

Where heaven and hell alternate,

Mindful … we were young,

They were old,

Rich And powerful,

We revered them like no one before.


They asked us many questions,

Hoping to uncover the plot.

We told them all….

Our dreams, our fears

And the dreadful past we had left behind.

So that they be reminded,

In case they have stained hands.

But they did not understand.

They shrugged their shoulder blades,

Extraordinarily, dangled their lower lips,

In case it eases  the mental gaps,

Between them and us lot.


Now we are old and they,

They are young,

But ever more rich and powerful.

We asked them all sorts of questions.

And they erred.

Either they prevaricated

Or shrugged their shoulder blades,

Pouted their lower lips,

Just in case it helps distract

The silence they have chosen for an answer.


It shall be said  though.. that we have come and  now gone,

Except for  the dreams and fears,

We once did own, which are now blown in the wind.

In case you are struck by droplets,

It is not that of rain,

But our dream tears.


Beware,  you may not suffer a wound

But the seeds you  saw

Shall  not bear fruits neither in the womb

Nor on the  ground.


(Poem on Exodus, The Unfaithful  & GM crops)


Copyright  Haileselassie Girmay