Much Easier for Girls


My aunty at sixteen

Challenged society!

She painted her lips and long nails,

A sexy, ruby-red… She wore

Those high heeled shoes and

Put on rouge make-up.

Dressed in a miniskirt, and

A cigarette in her mouth,

She walked on the high street; -

My grandmother was shocked,

Furious and angry…

My mom quietly cried;

And my dad was tongue-tied.



My uncle at sixty,

Challenged society!

He wrote an article

And sent it to the papers.

Next day the police came

And took him down to jail;

At the end of a week, tortured,

Beaten and in pain, they let

Him out on bail… But

He wrote more papers,

And made more enemies.

The police came one day

And took uncle away. We

Never saw him again.


G. E. Gorfu.