Life has its own high and low nonpareil dramas.

It employs unsuspecting actors,

Neither coached nor stage-managed,

They perform at odd hours,

In no specified amphitheatres

But with rows of  seats  full of spectators.


Actors indeed they are first class,

Their performance no less par excellence

It arrests onlooker's and that of their own breaths.

They display raw emotion

With persevered passion

Be it a bliss or a near self destruction,

To the very end of its calibrated mission.


They are aware of their talents, 

But look for no praise,

For that is not in  the driving phase.


No handpicked paid talented performer,

Would match such amateur encounters ever.

And if people are curious to know,

How such untrained actors 

Ever manage to do such a thing!

Say! An adequate explanation,

To ones own satisfaction, 

No raconteur can purvey,

Nor a troubadour would ever be tuned to sing.


Unless...., unless the next  renowned would be dramatist yet,

Life decides you  to nominate.

You would then  go  through the journey,

Gain the real experience aside the hackneyed hearsay baloney. 

Copyright Haileselassie Girmay