Believe you me,
Aren't I lucky,
I am offered plenty of cakes
That are not sticky,
But for sure funky

Dreams love me
I love them too - dreams,
Night falls they come in streams.

They range in height,
Weight, shape quality,
Intensity and beauty.
But all the same,
They are all delectably sassy.

I get, though, a little bit confused,
To choose,
To bed who to go with.

They fight over me,
Nail and tooth,
In sheer aggression
To the point of destruction.

So much so,
When I do do the thing,
Like an ordinary human being
I get constant abrupt interruption
Just to wake up wet, abandoned
And covered in contusions.

Oh love of dreams!
Just like a woman's loves
Will inflict you with tears and screams.


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Copyright 16/4/05  Haileselassie GIrmay :Poet Laureate

(Courtesy International Library of Poets, USA)

This poem is not love affairs of man/woman it is about dreams and nightmares that invade the bed at night