Oh Africa!


What is this I carry - empty suck,

Strangely enough

It is tough,

It weighs me down

Like no other thing has done,

I have no use for the stomach

Please take it if you can.


This grey matter

Inside the skull,

Ideas together it could not pull.

Murderous it is:

Visions it has culled,

Long ago for it has gone dull.


Seated in a skull nest

Hallucination is all it does best

When pain gives time to rest.

I have no use for it - dissect

If you can on my behest.


The limbs I have- Giraffe height

What good are they: cannot walk

Let alone stride.

With my glazed eyes

Take them if you can

They have stopped the surrounding to scan.


Given the name Africa -

Oh my mother call out louder

I cannot hear any longer

Profoundly deaf have gone my ears.

Cut the lobes if you can

Use them the air  to fan.

I dare not despair,

I have no more pride for all I care.


Copyright Haileselassie Girmay