Do You Remember Me? Ethiopia .......!

“Do You Remember Me? “

“”Yes! I do! How couldn't I?
I am the river you found me dry.
Your parched throat about to crack,
Water, plenty that I have & that I don't,
Was what you were heard cry!

I am the one, you damn know who,
That abandoned you high and dry,
Under the scorching sun to burn and fry!

I am the fire unleashed wild,
Who went on rampage,
And you saw me consuming you cottage.
I am the despair with no hope,
I held you hostage.
And claimed your life at an earlier age!

Yes! I remember you!
How couldn't I?
I am your mother,
Who carried your protuberant belly,
Friable bones and glazed eyes,
To the gate of the hospital
The treatment you needed just to be denied.
I am your mother, who stood by,
And saw you wry and die.””

“But why oh why?”

“"Because the world connived
To put me out of my rightful place under the sky.
I defy this, I bitterly defy,
And wanted you sooner than later -
Without fast losing your remaining dignity - to die,
Like the Dinosaurs, like Dodoes,
In a museum they will then affectionately salute you bye””

Copyright Haileselassie Giramy5/4/1998

Author's Comments:
"1929 treaty between Britaina and Egypt forbids Ethiopia to use its rivers large & small for irrigation purposes, to this end Egypt and Britain have been working round the clock to deter any other nations to provide large financial projects for fear Ethiopia one day might emerge strong and claim its waters. Equally Egypt has been the main support of any rebellious group from within Ethiopia to keep the country fractured and weak to the same end. Ethiopia since then has been deemed to depend on rains that has been getting ever smaller and foreign aid. This is the long and short story of our plight."