Let Me Share Your Stories

Tell me all about your stories
And I will tell you mine as always

All of You! New and old fools
Calling yourselves Ethiopians
Do you ever tell any stories?
Do you ever record your follies?
And do you even take any lessons?

A dime lost from your pocket
Is a penny less in his/her wallet
A bullet piercing your jacket
Also tears your friends bucket
Hunger at your  neighbour
next stops at your own door

A child deprived of schools today
Come tomorrow, dearly you all pay
A child left malnourished and sick
Is a liability to all of us equally alike

Don't be a catalyst for others misery
As it will not be applauded for bravery
You will neither be spared by history

Ask me if I care at all
About these beautiful people
Caught in unfortunate turmoil
Trapped by ignorance and spoil
Topped with a "free market" chaos
Where Life ceases to be precious

It pains me indeed with smokes
It sends chills through my bones
Watching good people suffer
When the solution is near
And has always been clear

All of You, new and old fools 
can you please tell me your stories? 
Do you even take any lessons?

Why antagonizing comes handy
When there is no need for any
You choose slandering each other
When learning from a brother
Is more logical and easier

You choose to duel for nonsense
For meanings that are pointless
For riches that are worth pennies
By all others standards

Do you see how we fare among humanity
In a world that knows no meaning of equity
Standing at the very bottom of the list
Is the least of what one can be of the worst

What more proof do you need fools
Is it not time to set your priorities
To complement each others works
Conserve and utilize your energies
For more useful and tangible things  

Pardon my off-color languages
But when will you learn your lessons?
And be able to tell  your good stories

Copy right   Metmiku Yohannes