The Simpler The Better


A dare devil that I am
I always chose challenge,
for reasons of purpose and charm,
never minding the risk of harm.

even when I had simpler ways,
and I knew of better options
than pursueing or follow,
no matter how thick or hollow,
a problem seems to grow.
I went for the unconventional
often choosing the irrational

I, being a dare devil
mostly did things fatal,
not only for the mental high
I get from the challenge,
but also because of a reason leading,
into a fraction of a moment,
preceding any of my act,
my mind usually goes blank
leaving no room for me to think.
For the simple reason that,
I should never be reluctant
I do execute the act,
without having to see,
If it is simple or not.

What follows you can guess,
a cut, a bruise or some other
type of a physical mess,
and later a healing progress.
making the consequences of,
my hasty act harder
taking the process longer,
and certainly not better.

Not dare devils, many other people
don't either make things simple
despite the simplicity
it offers,
to sway over things
for all the better ways.
They still like to prefer
to make things harder

I know this comes easy
for some people naturally.
For most other people however,
it takes a life time of prayer.
A lot of meditation and training
mastering the art of discerning.
Even with that much time spent,
most are still inclined and bent,
to avoid the best and simplest.

Common this is especially,
amongst those who do simply,
a less use of the mental faculty,
in the life of an everyday.

Imagine how many
of us all, globally
could fall into this category.
Imagine the number of times,
and of the areas of chances
missing the simplest ways.
Making the simpler and the better
more difficult, scarce and rare.

Copy right Metmiku Yohannes