They are coming,

It is irrefragable,

I have seen them walking over me in my dream.

But I shall not speak out,

Nor shall I remonstrate and shout loud.

There are no more followers, out there,

I once had,

Emotionally I can any more arouse.

And call upon them to rise,

In defence of long gone but close to heart a cause.


However, I shall not give up

Campaigning for the cause,

Even if I have had to run an indomitable race,

And fight back on an individual basis.

Amen! So help me God!


For a start, I shall stop venturing to the supermarkets,

Refrain wolfing down alien exotic fruits –

Never seen them growing roots -

Fruits, I have no objection to; in fact I liked the taste.

Washed and x-rayed, they are too, germs to extricate.

But I should like to register my protest,

For the hands that pick them up, I thoroughly detest.


Likewise, I shall stop sending my children to school –

Public or private.

Where they would rub shoulder to shoulder,

With the sons and daughters,

Generations of forefathers,

Including myself, were destined direct masters.


I shall leave the city,

It doesn't appeal to me anymore,

It has lost its roseate beauty,

Give up my job,

And dwell in a remote mountaintop

Avoiding it all – I hope.


This said however, I cannot help but fear

Every unguarded road,

Cordoned off streets, that have gotten pendulous ropes,

They will be trespassed.


Any security measures put in place,

No matter how insurmountable,

That too will be transposed.


Every little cracks or holes,

I have left unsealed,

They will squeeze in through,

This snow Mountain to swamp.


Can I forgive myself,

Once stained and done,

For not extending the initial act of sin,

I once had committed?


Either way I am doomed.

Unless, unless, unless……

There occurs a divine intervention!

And I repent for salvation.



Copyright Haileselassie Girmay


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