Awesome Barrens!

(Arku - style)

Brobdingnagian molar fossil,
That ever existed to this day.
It pulverizes other mortal molar fossils,
Breathes out scorching fire,
In all accounts to flaunt
Its inextinguishable might power,
That terrify spectators,
Come nearer or afar.
Has a twin white sister,
Always dressed icy water,
She breathes out chilly weather.
And like her brother,
She has the proclivity to display
Her skills to slide and glide,

Along the ridges and alleyways. 
Leaving besotted lovers for their lives
To scuttle.

Both are sources of treacly trills to adventurers,
But hell on earth for others.
Awesome that they are dead or alive, 

Either way.

Copyright Haileselassie Girmay