The fall....


Not all trees are evergreen roborant

The deciduous is insidious and cormorant.

It lets its offspring go urchins errant.

Abandoned in the season of fall

Its multi-colours leaves fall

Some into the cracks between walls.

Others straight to the pond

To drown,

In an act of suicide they did respond.

Still many get down,

To the ground

And the wind kicks them around.


They roam the streets no doubt

Gang up dastardly to fight

Into houses, push their way in and out

They slap peoplesí faces

Menacingly run between the legs

And restrict paces

Balking one from reaching places.


Oh, leaves do not take it personally,

You are not the only one treated cruelly!

I empathize you truly

I too was abandoned prematurely early.


Copyright Haileselassie Girmay