The Talk

"Papa! Do you look backward

And be grateful

Against all odds,

That you had lived your life to the full,

While many staggered and fell,

Some to fatal illnesses, accident

And yet others to war,

In this trouble world of ours?

Or do you look forward,

And regret,

That your life is coming to closing end?"

"Son! you and I

Have two different state of mind.

As one grows old -

And the muscles began to wilt,

First, one recognizes the danger,

Then as time moves on,  

One accepts it might happen, 

After all  death is on the horizon,

But at the thought of the imminent advent of the conqueror,

one is  no longer gripped with fears.

In fact, this said, past a certain  threshold,

One, is thought to become wilful to die,

And see it done and over with - dignified.

Do not mind me saying so  -  Son,

This doest mean one has failed to identify, 

That one has left loved ones behind."

Copyright Haileselassie Girmay