The Truth

People say, I have found the truth

For the truth has never been here on earth

If you get one today, you never know, it is an end

What tomorrow offers, may be by far better

And never say, I have found the whole

For every thing is not in your palm

What is in the palm, is only yours

It can’t be the real one, for it is in your palm

Truth belongs to no one on earth

For none deserves, for all is fake

How come fire and water dwell in one place

For one to live in, the other should go out

For truth to live, hypocrisy should be removed

For one to get the truth, one should be free

But, none is free, for all is brought up with copy

Who claims oneself, as one has the truth in the heart

For one starts lying at this very and crucial point.


The lonely Angel

Life on earth is not easy, it is a gamble

One can’t buy and sell a gem inside

Once you are done, it is tough to get alone

One can’t undo like windows button

You need someone to share you have

But sharing may cause, losing you love

Draining yourself, for no reason,

You stop having someone in your heart

Reflection was your real want

But Absorption, you really hate

In such a case, why do you need some one in your life?

You prefer to be yourself, and to be alone

For loneliness is better than evil companion.



Mystic Love

I have feelings of high emotions

Vibrating so deep inside

To share feelings or passions

When I see rose, it looks like

Watching the sun, it brings it up

Looking at moon, vitalizes whole

Stars alone offer a life

Birds singing, I say it is right

That melody was inside

I called it ‘love’, for I love to love

Towards nature, I am attracted.


The Sound of Silence

When one is a sleep, one never talks

One never hears, and never eats

But, there is world inside one’s being

Which is moving, and going active

Sleeping in bed, with no voice

One is going to the whole-place

Shopping, walking and taking a tour

Who is talking without tongue?

Who is hearing without ear?

What a world of mystic life

In such a death, one has life

In passive mood, one is active

In a single room, one crosses the world

In a minute, one sees too many years

Such is silence, which gives a chance

Having a big-world so deep inside

Fixing things—what one missed in real-time

Bringing to an end—what one begins in real-life.


Copyright Dereje Amera Derseh