My life was but an empty page that he chose to write on,

Off my feet I was swept the day he came along,

Now sitting here alone I wonder what went wrong,

Was it him or was it me or maybe it just wasn't meant to be

The time we spent together were moments of pure bliss

The moments we shared doing that and this,

A shadow in the dark or something someone says brings back memories of the past,

which is all, I now have left,


I sit in the dark and remember all the things we did,

I sit in the dark and wonder why things turned out this way,

I lay alone at night and think of him,

I lay alone at night and wonder, who he's with,

I miss his arms around me holding me close,

I miss the smell of his after-shave and him promising never to let me go,

I miss all those moments that we'd shared telling each other how much we cared,

These memories of us shall never fade,

These memories will in my heart forever stay.



By: Rishna_777@hotmail.com

Rishna is a college Economics student.