When I ...!

When I talk,
I am more often less philosophical
But to the point direct,
That way the knee-jerk reaction
In trice I can get.
In the debate,
Where I stand I can then bet.

When I write,
I am also less philosophical
But more direct
That way I can throw off
My would be critiques in the dark
By tying their hands and won't write back
For fear of red-handed being caught
Taking a clear-cut positional stand
And their words being used and quote,
Which they think would be detrimental
To their philosophy of being ductile and convivial
Sycophants that they are,
They would want to pleasing everyone.

When I think,
I am even less philosophical
And forcefully more direct,
For man, I have not much of a respect left,
Nor his belief in the nirvana of the world beyond
He would finally come to rest.
My belief in life beyond and fate
Is based not on a clear-cut knowledge
Of what it is or it is not,
But an escape from this planet
And Man's dominance that I hate.

When I think of thinking,
Man is real a warlock,
When done and dusted,
Ephemeral are all his work
Just like any thaumaturgy tricks.
And so is also his mental clock,
It comes up with self-serving talks
(Toke toke toke toke toke:
Self explosion smithereens there it goes
and then it broke)
While the gate to earthly heaven manqué remains firmly locked,
Because beyond his catarrhal nose he is unable to think.

Copyright Haileselassie Girmay