It is Time ...winter!

Why oh why do I always fall prey
To this cool but deceptively cruel beauty grey of gay?
Distended and gloomy faced harridan season
That shares my life now and then,
Only to offer cold affection.
Ineluctable that she is, 
Winter imposes her will,
I have no option but yield --
Her cold lips to kiss.
Now she has turned her back, 
Gone looking for someone else,
To repose supine all along
And suck their breath likewise, 
One can only surmise!
When I opened the door, behind which I had been kept confined
For her own pleasure, against that of mine, 
I see on the horizon the sky meets the earth,
The face of delectable inamorta Universe started to grin,
Desolate earth covered with verdant brilliant green.
And I hear birds chant, 
Doves coo,
Multitudes of insects lining up in queues
Intoxicating melange redolent fragrances 
Through my nostril rushing in torque.
It seems life has returned. 
It is time I must go out and join.

Copyright Haileselassie Girmay