Why I do what I do

I walk, I stride I jog & I run
Under the sun, under the rain,
under darkness or sunshine,
with great zeal or in a strain,
both, for fun and a reason
I do, I always must,
hustle, work or act
To keep myself intact.

No room to be idle
can't stand still
got to do a thing
to have my being
a purpose & a meaning

Have no agenda of my own
didn't mind, or, care even.
Never bothered to see,
if my reasons can be shown,
to be truly fake or genuine.
And yet, I must have one
In order for the globe,
to normally turn.
Just needed one
Like almost everyone.
Something to go by
A resourceful alibi.
To tell others, if asked why,
The reasons I do
What I always do

To stick things on to
Relate my daily experiences,
Impressions and perceptions,
Thoughts and observations.
Have to make something of them
For an everyday use of a claim.
To avoid any shame,
Due to a lacking in them.
I need reasons to do
For all things I always do.

To prove responsibility,
Maintain respectability,
A wider acceptability,
Earn myself a security,
And some form of dignity,
Are some reasons why I do,
The things I always do.

I eat, I bath, I dress

As I must do my best
To stride and progress
Alongside time and space
Else, if I dare regress
My acts could depress
So there, I needed a reason
To calm all forms of concern.

Since I must live like others
I must collect things, words
Must emulate acts, impressions
I must rehearse and exercise
I must sharpen my skills
I must find a suitable place
That well fits, the meanings,
of fulfilling the desired goals,
by most others' standards,
And of my own acceptance.
So there ends, my ups and downs
My daily, weekly, etc.rituals,
driving the core reasons
Why I do all of those things
Every time, a new day succeeds.

Copy right Metmiku Yohannes

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