America, Justice Denied

You would expect the legal system of a nation,  that prides itself as the stalwart defender of justice , democracy and equality; as an unwavering and unbiased institution in carrying out its duties. But if you live in America you happen to be a member of a minority you would be disappointed.

Here is a woman who incontrovertibly committed the most horrific crimes you epic proportions. She was caught red handed committing the crime. The motive was clear - robbery,  there was no escape  from that. However, what she tried to do was claiming that she was acting in self defence when she was confronted by a rapist cab driver (Mesfine Girmay).  She thought she could get away with her claim banking on a perceived prejudice of white America against black people.

Then came the  bomb shell when she was discovered that a night before she killed Mesfine she had committed another gruesome murder of a university professor - John Hand. The self defence claim shhe had hoped would save her life could no longer hold water and she had  come up with yet another deference  the judge helped her to call it incompetence  for which  the psychiatrist who run private hospitals concluded that she indeed suffers from. Hence the escape from justice till the  end of the World. How could a young white woman be accused and stand trial on criminal act on an immigrant  mostly associated with deprived and debased black people? This would deconstruct the myth.  Incidentally the family members of John Hand, the other victim of Amber Torrez, may be pleased as this was what they wanted to be the verdict when they pleaded with me to save her life when I met them in the court on August the 16/8/2004. I can only surmise their reasons. The ridiculous counter claim that the offender had been raped bears  no truth. There are no medical or police or court records to show the incident actually happened.  It is hearsay. She could have had  gotten in to a fight with gang members as gangs always do for reason quite clear to the gangs themselves.  Pray to God, if you are black and got killed ....even by gangs for your blood  will flow in vain. It will not be counted.


Haileselassie Girmay

Please read Newspaper cuttings

Denver Post 14/12/04


Unsolicited e-mail from so called friend of torrez

Rocky Mountain News 14/12/04