Loping through the cyberspace
Unperturbed by the predatory incubus

And the Dionysian  doppelganger succubus -
That are, imperious magnates in charge of  publishing houses
And the desperate politicians' desire to suppress
The voice of the voiceless -
Lying  in wait at a crossroad of conscience.

Let the poems walk

And do the talk.

No invisible hands of incubus can reach and block

For somnabulist poems

Are deceptively kip and at the

Same time awake.

Let this be a place for the mind to rest,

Gather its thoughts

After worrisome day's work,

To reflect on the past

And be prepared for tomorrow’s onslaught.

Let this be a resting-place for the mind

For the somatic a tuffet to sit on,

It has no problem to find,

Even when tortured in extremis and

To a dark prison cell confined.

Copyright Haileselassie Girmay

5/6/2001 EC

28/9/93 Ethiopian Calender

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