Justice Delayed is Justice Denied


Amber Torrez was seen by a witness and she has even admitted the killing and yet she was given a shoddy window of opportunity to escape/delay justice when a judge ordered her to undergo a psychiatric test. The findings are to be reported on November 8, 2004.


It makes one wonder whether John Lee Malvo, 17, in cahoots with John Allen Muhammed, killed and wounded many people around Maryland, Virginia & DC areas, could have had escaped justice if he had claimed insanity developed after he had committed the crime.


On the contrary, his twenty-one year old white girlfriend, Nicola Waybill, killed an Ethiopian Lasisas Gemechu. She and her accomplices carried his body in a boot of a car, dumped it in a nearby woodland, and admitted to their doings.


In an unbelievable ruling the court set the killer free on bail set at $25000.00. Experts on legal matters reckon the woman could go scot-free if she chose to pay one-tenth of the bail to the tune of $2500.00*(Voice of Unity! A bi-lingual monthly magazine. April 2004 issue 2. Columbus Ohio.


It looks as if there are two types of justice in America. An African immigrantŐs blood may after all be not thicker than water and can easily be washed away unless we all collectively raise our voices for a system that takes account.


To a few unfortunate people, coming to America with a dream may be like owning and driving a car with no reverse gear. You may not always need the reverse gear while driving, but if there ever comes a need and your car has not got one you are in big trouble.

Dream Interrupted...

Denver Post News Coverage 16 August 2004

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