Judge Ruled Torrez Competent to Stand Trial

Accused murderer's competence debated

Woman Charged with murder now considered an escape risk - 9News. Com

Police nearly lose taxicab in slay case

Judge: Torrez incompetent to stand trial

Second opinion on suspect's competency

Torrez faces mental exam

Charges Devestating! Torrez's side said. Devestating did they say? Well,do they really know the meaning of the word? Here she is walking about, communicating with her lot, Using the unsuspecting, durmming up support to disguise her evil deeds, hopping to open up business after jail, while her victims are dead, buried and decomposed, leaving us - the 'living' with no hope; and they say they are devestated - What a joke, a travesty on the part of those who helped them air such nonsense.

Judge to decide if 19-years-old will stand trial for two Murders

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